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NANO₂O™ Water Soluble-Nano

Developed by the leading scientist in Water Soluble-Nano Technology, Canfections proprietary NANO₂O™ is the top performing technology on the market. By taking oil based ingredients and making them Water Soluble-Nano, NANO₂O™ is fast-acting, safe and stable in most formulations and product types.

NANO₂O™ Water Soluble-Nano Technology contains particle sizes in the range of 10-100nm, making it the most effective delivery system available on the market today. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP compliant facility, Canfection’s products are GRAS certified and compliant to various industry requirements.

Advantage of NANO₂O™

NANO2O™ is a nano-emulsion that comes in a Water Soluble Liquid (WSL) or Water Soluble Powder (WSP), sing a proprietary process developed by one of the leading doctors in nano micelle technology.

NANO2O™ is creating possibilities, in the infused cannabis product market, not previously capable with current infusion methods.

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The Science

The competition

By encapsulating water-insoluble ingredients using micelle technology, NANO2O™ has developed a formulation that is more effective (see competition image left, and NANO20 image below).  With nanoemulsions becoming highly effective as a nutrient delivery system, NANO2O™ has more benefits for health and wellness, compared to other infused products.

Nanoemulsions are oil-in-water emulsions with droplet sizes typically in the range of 100-500nm.

NANO2O™ nanoemulsions are in the range of 10-50nm. A properly nano emulsified formula is transparent and has no odor.  See Nano20 vs competitors in the illustrations to the left.

  • Fast-acting
  • Safe
  • Stable over 250F
  • Bioavailablity 80-90%
  • Rebuilding from fire or water damage