• September 22, 2022
  • Matt Hardoon
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In short – yes! If you private label your cannabis-infused product, you can shift much of the responsibility to a manufacturer who is already prepared and licensed with a commercial kitchen. 

That means you avoid the expense of creating or leasing a kitchen yourself, don’t have to take the time and money to hire a staff, and have professionals to guide you through the process. A white label manufacturer may also be able to take your cannabis-infused product idea and bring it to fruition on your behalf, without you having to perfect the recipe and process yourself. 

White labeling your cannabis-infused products may also give you access to the latest technology, such as nano. That means rather than traditionally infused products, you would have access to nano technology, which means your products will have a competitive edge. Why? Nano imparts no harsh cannabis taste or smell and provides a much faster onset, all aspects that will cause your products to have a competitive edge in the increasingly competitive cannabis-infused product market. 

If you decide to expand and add CBD-infused products, you’ll have that flexibility as well, as the private label manufacturer will have the expertise and resources to help you expand your brand even more.

For your private label cannabis-infused products, you can use them in your own dispensary, for example, or create a brand that is designed to market to multiple dispensaries and outlets. If it’s a CBD product, you’ll also be able to market it to multiple types of outlets and in several states.

A private label kitchen may also be able to guide you to brand extensions regarding different flavors and have suggestions on how to improve your original recipe, such as substituting pectin for gelatin for gummies, for instance, to decrease their possibility of melting, or to make them vegan.

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, it’s never too early to start discussions with potential white label partners for your cannabis-infused product. You can understand wholesale and retail costs early in the process, get realistic timeframes, and understand what the entire process will entail.

It’s a competitive market, but growing very rapidly, as edibles are often the entry point for new cannabis users, and thus a good way to introduce them to your dispensary and gain new customers.