When it comes to cannabis edibles, many people think of brownies or cookies. However, there are many different types of edibles that can be made with cannabis. In fact, there are now cannabis production facilities specifically dedicated to making edibles.

A cannabis edibles production facility is a business that produces marijuana-infused foods and drinks. The company may also produce related products such as oils, tinctures, and topicals. Cannabis edibles production facilities can be found in states where marijuana is legal for recreational or medicinal use.

The cannabis edibles production process typically begins with extracting cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. The extracted cannabinoids are then added to a food or drink product. The final product is then packaged and sold to consumers.

Workers will first ground up the cannabis flower into a fine powder. They then use extraction methods to pull the THC and CBD from the cannabis. The THC and CBD are then infused into a variety of different edible products.

Some of the most popular items made at a cannabis edibles production facility include:

  • Cannabis-infused chocolates
  • Cannabis-infused gummies
  • Cannabis-infused honey
  • Cannabis-infused olive oil
  • Cannabis-infused cookies and brownies
  • Cannabis-infused drinks such as sodas, juices, and coffee
  • Cannabis-infused tinctures used as drops under the tongue or added to food or drinks
  • Cannabis-infused topicals such as lotions and balms

Many people are choosing to consume edibles or consume cannabis other ways rather than smoking marijuana because they don’t want to smoke and they like the idea of getting all of the benefits of cannabis without any of the psychoactive effects. Edibles also provide longer lasting relief than smoking does.

If you’re interested in trying cannabis edibles, be sure to check out the products made by a cannabis edibles production facility. You’ll be surprised at how many different types of edibles there are!