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Cannabis regulators dedicated a lot of their resources, effort, and time to preventing cannabis products from getting to illegal markets and kids. To achieve this goal, packaging and labeling are crucial requirements. However, cannabis labeling and packaging are more than just using warning labels. 

Health authorities demand child-resistant packaging for all cannabis products to reduce the risk of them being accessed by kids. Child-resistant packaging is designed in ways kids can’t assess or mistake for juice boxes or candy. This article will help you understand why cannabis child-resistant packaging is essential and some types you can use for your cannabis products.

Why You Should Use Cannabis Child-Resistant Packaging

The primary purpose of using cannabis child-resistant packaging is to guarantee children’s safety. Using child-resistant packaging for your cannabis products will significantly reduce the risk of your kids ingesting them when you take them home. 

It is one of your responsibilities as a cannabis business owner to protect children from getting access to your products. Child-resistant packaging is increasingly gaining momentum in the cannabis industry. Not only are cannabis business owners prioritizing it, but they are also redefining and reinventing it.

Undoubtedly, the sales of cannabis products are constantly on the rise. Also, packaging laws are being implemented because cannabis products are likely to harm children.

Children can easily mistake edible cannabis products such as brownies, gummy bears, lollipops, etc., for regular food. So, they might end up ingesting them without knowing these products are harmful to them. Edible cannabis products are rich in cannabis, and children will experience severe symptoms when consuming them. 

Little kids are more exposed to this risk because of their weight and size. Also, numerous kids who have mistakenly ingested these cannabis products always end up in the hospital because of how severe the symptoms are.

However, child-resistant cannabis packaging entirely solves this problem. With this packaging, you can be 100% sure no kid will ever have access to your cannabis products.

Types of Cannabis Child-Resistant Packaging

Locking containers that come with push-and-turn closures are readily available in different designs. And they can also be integrated with numerous resealable features to make them child-resistant. 

Also, plastic package caps with breakaway pull rings are another excellent option for child-resistant packaging. They are identical to the caps of medicine bottles and soda pop cans, where you must remove the seal before opening the container. 

Other types of child-resistant cannabis packaging include:

●   Child-resistant Glass Jars

●   Tubes

●   Child-resistant Exit Bags

●   Locking Slider Boxes

●   Tincture Dropper Bottles (Childproof) 

Now and then, new cannabis packaging regulations are implemented. So, cannabis business owners must ensure the packaging they use complies with these regulations. If not, they risk defying health guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Child-resistant packaging is a regulatory requirement and also an ideal safety procedure for cannabis products. However, it’s notable to mention that this packaging can only be effective when used the right way.

Not being able to tell the difference between compliant and non-compliant CBD/THC products can lead to problems with your state’s governing body. Hence, it is crucial for cannabis businesses to prioritize compliance in their packaging.

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