Cannabis Products

There are numerous cannabis-infused products on the market today. They include edibles, alcohol, pills, oils, tincture, etc. While many believe cannabis is infused into these products, it’s more than that. The chemicals infused in cannabis-infused products are called cannabinoids. These are extracts from the cannabis plant. This article will discuss the two common cannabinoids used in producing cannabis-infused products. 


THC is the most common ingredient found in cannabis. It is a cannabinoid that initiates the neurons controlling memory, pleasure, and thinking. THC is different from CBD because it causes intoxication. THC is the “high” users feel when they take cannabis-infused products. 

Benefits of THC

Several studies have been conducted to discover the benefits of THC. Here are some that have been found:

·  Decreases Nausea From Chemotherapy

THC-infused products like dronabinol and nabilone have been used to treat nausea caused by chemotherapy for over 30 years. A study done on chemotherapy patients in 2010 revealed that patients who used THC-infused medications with the combination of regular chemo drugs got better protection against vomiting and nausea than those on typical chemo drugs alone. 

·  Enhances Sleep: 

Studies were carried out on people living with health conditions like chronic pain and MS. The results showed that THC-infused products could improve sleep, significantly reduce the time it takes to sleep off, and reduce sleep disturbances. 

Some THC-Infused Products 

Since THC is more popular than other chemicals found in cannabis, it is commonly used in producing infused cannabis products. Some of them are: 

·  Capsules

·  Oils

·  Edibles such as candies, brownies, etc

·  Smokable products

·  Tincture

·  Flowers

·  Alcohol 


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the second most active chemical found in cannabis. CBD is usually obtained from hemp, a form of cannabis that contains little amount of THC. However, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive or intoxicating. So, CBD doesn’t cause any high when you use it. 

Benefits of CBD

There are some particular health benefits of CBD. Numerous studies have also confirmed these advantages. Here are some of them:

·  Treatment of Epilepsy

In 2018, Epidiolex, a CBD-infused drug, was approved by the FDA to treat two of the most challenging types of epilepsy; Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. The drug was approved for patients as young as two years of age. Usually, epilepsy doesn’t respond to medications. However, studies have shown that Epidiolex was highly effective compared to placebos used to reduce seizures’ frequency. 

·  Chronic Pain

Although further studies are needed to prove this, CBD has been found to relieve chronic pain. It can help to decrease inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Other studies show that CBD can reduce neuropathic pain, whose treatment is complex.

Some CBD-Infused Products 

Numerous products have been infused with CBD on the market today. Some of them are:

·  Gummies 

·  Gels 

·  Oils 

·  Drugs/Supplements 

Final Thoughts 

Cannabis-infused products are becoming incredibly popular. However, many people do not know the chemical constituents of what they consume. Over a hundred chemicals can be found in cannabis, but THC and CBD are the most common. This is why many manufacturers of cannabis-infused products prefer to use both for their products.

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