If you’re a dispensary owner looking to have your own custom cannabis edibles created, Canfections Edibles is a one-stop shop for development, production and packaging.

Cannabis edibles represent a huge part of California’s $5.2 billion cannabis industry and the percentage of cannabis edibles within total cannabis sales continues to grow. Cannabis edibles are also a strong gateway into cannabis for new users, and thus a crucial way to grow your business and turn the cannacurious into loyal repeat customers who will share referrals with others.

Extending your brand with edibles brings you additional benefits as well including the ability to use them as value-added products when customers make minimum purchases to add to your per customer spending, to further your perception as a distinct brand rather than just a storefront carrying items from other companies, and to create something unique and memorable that increases the positive perception people have for your dispensary.

Canfections offers all types of cannabis and CBD infusion for the edibles they create on behalf of clients, but specializes in nano technology – which produces a faster onset and eliminates the harsh taste and smell cannabis can create in edible products, thus ensuring your desired taste shines through.

Your cannabis edibles can be customized to your specifications in gummies, chocolate or caramels as far as shape, taste and more. In addition, Confections will work with you to create unique packaging that reflects and enhances your brand.

Menu options include distillate, nano and live resin pectin gummies in several different flavors with THC, CBD or CBN in 5 or 10mg. In addition, dark, milk and white chocolate is available with the same options.

Cannabis edibles produced by Canfections are made with non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients and are 100% Kosher.

You can also rest assured knowing that Canfections has a fully automated state-of-the-art food manufacturing facility and is producing tens of thousands of gummies and chocolates each day.

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